Occultier is a high-end American chocolatier that specializes in various types of specialty chocolates and confections with a dark conceptual twist. The company takes inspiration from esoteric beliefs and hidden mythology to provide an unusual but tantalizing experience for customers who desire a more exotic approach to sweets.

Occultier, a portmanteau of the words “Occultism” and “Chocolatier,” evokes spirituality, paranormal, and esoteric knowledge that extends beyond reason and intention. The logo is drawn to replicate 19th century hand lettering, the time period when occultism was at its peak. A dark palette of black, white, and aubergine give the packaging a moody, mysterious tone. The Dear Sir Madam typeface was chosen for its sophisticated Victorian construction with unsettling counterforms.

The logos, sampler box, and shopping bag were designed by Eve Rios. The chocolate dielines, store facade, and chocolate bar wrappers were designed by myself.



Sean Bacon




Eve Rios


Art Direction
Brand Identity
Environmental Graphics




Logo Wordmark


Logo Symbol


Chocolate Bar and Sampler Dielines


The company's first launch into the market was with specialty dark chocolate bars that are heavily influenced by tarot cards and fortune tellers. Tarot cards were the main inspiration due to their occult nature and similar shape to traditional chocolate bars. 

Each flavor is represented through a tarot card of the Major Arcana. Each bar is given a Major Arcana that best references the experience of its respective flavor. The spicy, cinnamon infused chocolate bar is named after The Devil Arcana in relation to the card's sinister and seductive symbolism. The refreshing mint chocolate bar is named after the Temperance Arcana due to its rejuvenating effects. The sea salt chocolate bar is named after the Moon Arcana in relation to the moon's tidal force and emotional turmoil. The orange infused chocolate bar is named after the Sun Arcana in relation to the card's joyous energy. The darker chocolate bar is named after the Death Arcana in relation to the card's bitter, brutal symbolism.

There are currently twenty-two tarot cards in the Major Arcana, allowing for the company to expand up to twenty-two flavors—giving it a collectible-like experience. Each chocolate bar also includes a randomized fortune card as an element of surprise when the foil is unraveled.